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The locals in Colombia referred to this Ethiopian Landrace mutation variety as the cherry with a belly, hence the local term Ombligón, from the word Ombligo, meaning belly button in Spanish.


Dr. Intan from Bandung Institute of Technology and his team are working on a study to isolate the most desirable microbe from the palm civet's faeces which can be reproduced in a lab environment.

Through applying these during anaerobic fermentation, they can effectively replicate the process without having to use any more animals. This process was successfully done in Indonesia, in Bener Kelipah, Aceh Gayo. It was then brought to Panama, and then to Colombia to be tried on 2 varieties- Aji Bourbon and Ombligón.

Country : Colombia
Region : Bruselas - Huila
Altitude : 1780 - 1900 MASL
Varietal : Landrace
Processing : Natural
Producer : Nestor Lasso
Tasting Notes : Cherry, Watermelon, Blackcurrant Candy. Very sweet, really complex and unique.

Colombia El Diviso Ombligón Luwak Single Origin Specialty Coffee

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