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Java Halu Coffee Indonesia produces and collaborates with farmers in Mount Halu and Mount Tilu, West Java, with a high standard processing stages from grading cherries, washing and drying the coffee, and the final process, sorting the green beans.

Rani Mayasari Partadiredja or ‘Teh Rani’ is the owner of Java Halu Coffee. She is an entrepreneur- owning cafes in Bandung. Teh Rani from Panjalu Ciamis was serious in wanting to directly process coffee, starting from planting the trees, maintaining, harvesting the cherries to selling them. And she’s very serious in guiding and passing her knowledge to the local farmers.

Country : Indonesia
Region : Halu Mountain, West Java
Altitude : 1200 - 1600 MASL
Varietal : Sigarar Utang
Processing : Anaerobic Natural
Producer : CATUR Coffee Co. & Java Halu Coffee
Tasting Notes : Grape, Pear, Black Tea

Kamala Halu #04 Single Origin Specialty Coffee

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