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Season 2: Fermentation

some things get better with age,

especially if they go through fermentation.

- Gwenchana Hour -

indulge in our cocktails only for

100k ++ per glass

everyday from 5 - 8 PM


the whole place,
to yourself.

got a private event coming up?

we've got you covered. 

                    is founded by not only award winning baristas, but also multidisciplinary industry experts.

It allows us to create a seemingly impossible mix of ingredients, mostly fairly traded and ethically sourced in an elevated method through exclusive, mutual collaborations with local sources.

collaboration through reciprocation
Every movement creates carbon footprints, and as long as we still have physical bodies that breathe, it is inevitable. We can, however, capitalise on our infinite capability to do good and give back to the bountiful nature.

Omakafé entrusted this to Bumiterra by committing approximately 10-20 hectares of land to undergo reforestation for the next 10 years.

head here to become our test subject

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or head here to shop online

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